Welcome to XW2011

This year the 17th edition of our traditional Xmas Workshop is going to be very special since it will be an "Inaugural Conference" to celebrate our brand new IFT building in the campus of Universidad Autonoma.

We will count on the confirmed presence of distinguished physicists, who are also good friends of the IFT, including Nobel Laureates Shelly Glashow, Tini Veltman and David Gross. Click here to see the (almost complete) list of speakers.

Everybody is invited to participate in this event. We are sure you will enjoy it!

Madrid, 13-16th December 2011

Xmas11 posterXmas11 poster

Local organizing committee

José L.F. Barbón, Alberto Casas, Antonio González-Arroyo, Luis Ibáñez, Carlos Muñoz, Angel Uranga