Speaker Event Type
May 11 2015 - 15:00 Spherically symmetric conformal gravity and "gravitational bubbles" Victor Berezin TBA Seminar
May 18 2015 - 15:00 TBA Hisakazu Minakata TBA Seminar
May 25 2015 - 15:00 TBA Valerie Domcke TBA Seminar
Jun 30 2015 - 12:00 Is the composite fermion a Dirac particle? Dam T. Son We propose a particle-hole symmetric theory of the Fermi-liquid ground state of a half-filled Landau level. Seminar
Jul 13 2015 - 15:00 Anomalous hydrodynamics kicks neutron stars Matthias Kaminski Observations show that, at the beginning of their existence, neutron stars are accelerated briskly to velocities of up to 1000 km/s. Seminar
Sep 1 2015 - 15:00 Delta Gravity, Dark Energy and the accelerated expansion of the Universe Jorge Alfaro We present a model of the gravitational field based on two symmetric tensors. The equations of motion of test particles are derived: Massive particles d Seminar
Sep 10 2015 - 15:00 Where are baryons in the Universe? Yin-Zhe Ma
Sep 11 2015 - 11:30 The diboson: a new particle or what? Juan Antonio Aguilar Saavedra Last June the ATLAS Collaboration measured a 3.4 sigma excess in the search for heavy resonances decaying into two heavy (W or Z) vector bosons in the fully hadronic channel. Seminar