Speaker Event Type
Mar 23 2023 - 15:00 Digital quantum simulation of higher-charge Schwinger model with topological term Masazumi Honda I am going to talk about application of quantum computation to numerical simulation of quantum field theory. Seminar
Mar 27 2023 - 15:00 The impact of model realism on interpretations of the Galactic Center Excess Christopher Eckner More than a decade has passed since a GeV gamma-ray excess in Fermi-LAT data above known astrophysical backgrounds has been detected in Seminar
Mar 30 2023 - 15:00 Axion couplings in Grand Unified Theories Mario Reig In this talk (based on 2206.07053) I discuss axion couplings to gauge bosons in Grand Unified Theories, where the Standard Model is embedded in a simple 4D gauge group. Seminar
Apr 13 2023 - 11:00 Machine code of holography Umut Gürsoy Gauge-gravity duality plays a key role in understanding quantum gravity and strongly interacting gauge theories, however, lacks a satisfactory microscopic derivation. Seminar
Apr 13 2023 - 15:00 Probing new neutrino interactions via light gauge boson mediators in proto-neutron stars Marina Cermeño Neutrinos are copiously produced in the interior of proto-neutron stars and crucial in their evolution, therefore making these compact objects ideal sites to test new neutrino interactions. Seminar
Apr 17 2023 - 15:00 Hunting for axions: Shining light through (cosmic) walls Manuel Meyer Axions and axion-like particles are hypothetical particles that could explain the cold dark matter as well as the non-observation of an Seminar
Apr 19 2023 - 15:30 Holographic baryonic matter without flavor branes Carlos Hoyos In holographic models flavor is usually realized by introducing additional branes in a dual supergravity background. Seminar
Apr 24 2023 - 15:00 Beyond one scalar doublet Per Osland I will briefly review the shortcomings of the 2HDMs in terms of providing a new source of CP violation (desired for baryogenesis), as well as a Dark Matter candidate, before discussing how this is Seminar