Speaker Tipo de Evento
Nov 7 2022 - 11:30 HoloClub: Paper Discussion Informal discussion of recent papers on holography and related subjects HoloClub
Nov 7 2022 - 15:00 Towards a microscopic description of 212Po alpha-decay Tatiana Tarutina With the aim to calculate the matrix elements of 212Po alpha-decay we present details about the structure of the nearby nuclei 208Pb, 210Pb, 210Bi, 210Po and 212Po. Seminar
Nov 8 2022 - 15:00 Radiative corrections and threshold resummed predictions to pseudoscalar Higgs boson production Arunima Bhattacharya The Higgs boson's discovery has opened up a plethora of possibilities. Seminar
Nov 10 2022 - 12:00 EFT strings and emergence Luca Melotti Luca will present the following paper ( SPLE-Club
Nov 10 2022 - 15:00 Emergent Fractons Daniele Musso This talk revolves about low-energy effective field theories with fractonic degrees of freedom characterised by mobility constraints. Seminar
Nov 11 2022 - 11:00 Two-Minute Meeting Each member or visitor of  the IFT or the Department of Theoretical Physics (administrative staff, graduate students, researchers, professors etc.) is invited to come along and speak Special Event
Nov 14 2022 - 09:00 13th International workshop on Multiple Partonic Interactions at the LHC MPI@LHC 2022 is the thirteenth conference of a series of successful joint theory/experiment workshops that bring together the world's leading experts from theory and LH Workshop
Nov 14 2022 - 11:30 Covariant phase space with boundaries Rafael Carrasco During this session, it will be presented a covariant formulation of Hamiltonian formalism, making emphasis on the contributions of boundaries. HoloClub
Nov 14 2022 - 15:00 Fundamental Physics and Cosmology with the Einstein Telescope Michele Maggiore The Einstein Telescope is a proposed third-generation gravitational wave detector, to be build in Europe in the next decade. Colloquium
Nov 15 2022 - 12:00 Adventures in Flatland: Quantum Criticality in the 2+1d Thirring Model Prof. Simon Hands The Thirring Model is a covariant quantum field theory of interacting fermions, sharing many features in common with  Seminar