Lun Mar Mié Jue Vie Sáb Dom
Speaker Tipo de Evento
Abr 11 2024 - 15:00 Aspects of topology and confinement in large-N gauge theories Claudio Bonanno Although the strong interaction observed in Nature is described within the Standard Model of Fundamental Interactions by an SU(3) gauge theory, where N = 3 is the number of quark "colors", studying Seminar
Abr 11 2024 - 17:00 Wave Function of the Universe Christian Aoufia Christian Aoufia will present the paper 'Wave Function of the Uni Old Journal Club
Abr 15 2024 - 11:30 Comments on von Neumann algebras and quantum entanglement César Gómez The Page curve describing the process of black hole evaporation is derived in terms of a family, parametrized in terms of the evaporation time, of finite type II_1 factors, associated, respectively HoloClub
Abr 15 2024 - 15:00 Pros and cons of EFTs for new physics Duarte Fontes Physics beyond the Standard Model (BSM) can be described in a consistent and general way through an Effective Field Theory (EFT). Seminar
Abr 17 2024 - 11:30 Towards quantum cellular automata meeting lattice gauge theory more closely Pablo Arnault This is a pedagogical review of essentially to families of works, Refs. [1, 2] on the one hand, and Refs. [3, 4] on the other hand, and it contains a few novelties. Quantum Information Journal Club
Abr 18 2024 - 12:00 The Boundary Proposal Michelangelo Tartaglia After the paper discussion, we will have a talk by Michelangelo Tartaglia based on the paper "The Boundary Proposal" (arXiv: SPLE-Club
Abr 18 2024 - 15:00 Higgs criticality in and beyond the Standard Model Thomas Steingasser Both parameters in the Higgs potential appear fine-tuned, relating to the hierarchy problem and the metastability of the electroweak vacuum. Seminar
Abr 18 2024 - 17:00 CP Conservation in the Presence of Pseudoparticles Xavi Ponce Xavi Ponce, de Padova University, will present the paper CP Conservation in the Presence of Pseudoparticles Old Journal Club
Abr 22 2024 - 15:00 Quantum complexity in the Krylov basis Pawel Caputa I will talk about the notion of Krylov complexity, its various recent applications and connections to quantum many-body systems and QCD. Seminar
Abr 25 2024 - 15:00 Vector Boson Scattering: Status and Prospects for the Large Hadron Collider and Beyond Richard Ruiz The scattering of electroweak bosons at TeV-scale super colliders is a powerful mechanism that prob Seminar