Jul 16 2021 - De 11:30 hasta 13:00 Raquel Santos The quest for Quantum Gravity: from Weyl invariance to transverse theories

The first part of the thesis is devoted to the study of quadratic (in curvature) theories of gravity when treated in the First Order formalism.

Ene 25 2021 - De 15:00 hasta 17:00 Manuel Trashorras Primordial Black Hole cluster dynamics and early Universe models

In this thesis we have studied a particular inflationary model of the early-Universe dynamics, the Higgs-Dilaton Model, a viable extension of the Standard Model

Sep 23 2020 - De 11:00 hasta 12:00 Alejandro Ruipérez Black holes in string theory with higher-derivative corrections

The low-energy limit of superstring theories admits a description in terms of an effective field theory for its massless modes.

Sep 17 2020 - De 12:00 hasta 13:00 Christian Copetti 't Hooft anomalies & low energy effective actions

We present some of the results obtained during my thesis.

Sep 11 2020 - De 11:00 hasta 13:15 Alvaro Herraez 4-Forms and Membranes: From the Flux Potential to the Swampland

This thesis explores different aspects of type II string compactifications. In the first part, we will focus on the structure of the perturbative flux-induced scalar potential.

Sep 4 2020 - De 11:00 hasta 13:00 Javier Martín García Quantum Complexity & Holography

This thesis develops recent work on the so called Volume-Complexity and Action-Complexity conjectures.

Abr 17 2020 - De 11:00 hasta 13:00 Jose Angel Romero Study of Mesonic Observables from a Mixed Action Lattice QCD Formalism
We propose a Lattice QCD mixed-action approach in which sea quarks are
regularized using Nf = 2 + 1 non-perturbatively O(a)-improved Wilson fermions
Dic 16 2019 - De 11:30 hasta 13:30 Eduardo Ibáñez Bribian Volume (in)dependence in Yang-Mills theories

This thesis aims to study of the relationship between gauge and spacetime degrees of freedom in finite volume Yang-Mills theories with twisted boundary conditions.

Dic 13 2019 - De 12:30 hasta 14:00 Raoul Letschka Quantum Foundation of Infrared Physics

In this thesis we will take a look on the infrared (IR) and collinear limit of QED and pertur- bative gravity.

Dic 13 2019 - De 11:30 hasta 13:30 Doris Stoppacher Semi-Analytical Galaxies in the MultiDark-Universe - A perspective on the evolution of the most luminous and massive galaxies throughout cosmic history

The formation and evolution of galaxies within a self-consistent cosmological context is one of the outstanding and most challenging topics of modern astrophysics.