Welcome to the Webpage of Hydra

Welcome to the Webpage of Hydra, one of the IFT scientific clusters.

Hydra is a HPC cluster, designed to be able to work as one single machine running a single parallel code. Fast inter-processor communication is therefore a crucial requirement, having a direct and strong impact upon performance.

The specific architecture of Hydra is based on 80 dual Intel® Nodes, connected through InfiniBand® HCA's and switches, and privided with a performant LUSTRE parallel filesystem. To learn more about its hardware specific characteristics, please consult the Specifications page.

We wish to thank here the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas and the Comunidad de Madrid through project HEPHACOS, who provided the financial support that made possible the acquisition of Hydra.

For those who are members of our Institute and their collaborators, our best wishes for a scientifically satisfactory use.