Information on measures at the IFT concerning the COVID-19  

Information on measures at the IFT concerning the COVID-19  

As the spread of the virus continues unabated in the Madrid area, we would like to inform about some of the measures taken by the IFT and its host institutions to help the global effort to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus

1)  All classes are halted on the UAM campus starting wednesday 11, for an initial period of 2 weeks. More detailed measures could follow in a matter of hours. For the time being the UAM+CSIC Campus labs and institutes are not closed.

2) All group activities are canceled till further notice, including workshops, seminars, journal clubs and coffee breaks. 

3)  Following recommendations from authorities, we strongly recommend IFT members to do telework if possible and  put on hold any travel plans, given that the situation regarding quarantines is fluid everywhere. 

4) IFT member incoming from any travel are strongly encouraged to respect a two-week period of teleworking. This is considered mandatory on return from a high risk area.

5) IFT members and visitors are encouraged to exercise the recommended personal  hygiene procedures (washing hands, keeping a minimum distance, …).  Any IFT member with symptoms should not come to work, rather should call the Comunidad de Madrid number 900 102 112 for further instructions, also informing the IFT director.

6) Further details are expected from the university, CSIC, local and central Government and the European Union during these days. We will update these recommendations accordingly. 

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