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The State Research Agency (Agencia Estatal de Investigacion) has published several e-learning training modules on different aspects of gender... more
The IFT hosts the second session of the interdisciplinary cycle 'Parameters for Understanding Uncertainty' (P4UU).
This project is dedicated to... more
An international team of researchers has captured the first historical image of Sagittarius A*, the supermassive black hole at the center of the... more


Dr. Mariano Quirós from ICREA & IFAE is visiting the IFT for the period April 4th to... more

Dr. Antonio Delgado from University of Notre Dame is visiting the IFT for the period... more


Germán Sierra

The IUPAP - International Union of Pure and Applied Physics has appointed Prof. Germán Sierra as member of the Mathematics-Physics Commission (C.18)

The IFT has renewed the Severo Ochoa Excellence Award

The Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiviness has renewed this Excellence Award for 4 more years.

New International Agreement for Fermilab

IFT visitor exchange program

Vídeo institucional del IFT

¿ Quiénes somos y qué investigamos ?

IFT Activity report

The IFT 2018 Activity Report

Luis Ibañez

Appointed to the CIFPA and ECFA committees

Belén Gavela coordinates two new H2020 projects

Two new H2020 projects coordinated by the Department of Theoretical Physics UAM/IFT

El canal de YouTube del IFT

Supera los diez millones de visualizaciones

Viatcheslav Mukhanov

SO(IFT) Distinguished Profesor, has been awarded the 2016 BBVA Prize

Belén Gavela

Renewed the appointment for the CERN Scientific Policy Committee

Luis Ibáñez

has been awarded with the Miguel Catalán award 2016

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