Dr. Mario Herrero is visiting us Dr. Mario Herrero from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne is visiting the IFT for the period May 28th to June 18th, 2019. His research interests are Formal Quantum Field Theory, Generalized gauge invariance, Quantum Gravity, Non-relativistic systems.
Dr. Shiroman Prakash is visiting us Dr. Shiroman Prakash from Dayalbagh Educational Institute is visiting the IFT for the period May 27th to 31st, 2019. His office number is 116. His research interests include: string theory, quantum field theory and quantum information.
SO(IFT) Research Associate Dr. Jos Vermaseren is visiting us Dr. Jos Vermaseren from Nikhef Amsterdam is visiting the IFT for the period May 6th to 29th, 2019. His office number is 401. Jos Vermaseren's research focuses on calculations in perturbative field theory, with excursions into mathematics and computer science whenever this is needed for his main topic.
Dr. Pouya Bakhti is visiting us Dr. Pouya Bakhti from IPM, Iran is visiting the IFT for the period May 3rd to July 26th, 2019. His office number is B01. His research interests include: neutrino phenomenology, physics beyond the standard model, computational physics and data analysis.


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May 17, 2019

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May 14, 2019 The IFT is co-organizing a UIMP Summer School in Santander from July 1 to July 5: 
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