Dr. Sandra Robles is visiting us Dr. Sandra Robles from King's College London is visiting the IFT for the period January 17th to February 4th, 2022. Her research interests are focused on Astroparticles and Dark Matter
Dr. Eduardo Gonzalo is visiting us Dr. Eduardo Gonzalo from Lehigh University is visiting the IFT for the period January 10th to 14th, 2022. His research interests are: connecting string theory with particle physics and cosmology, in particular, using the Swampland program.
Dr. Juan Pedraza is visiting us Dr. Juan Pedraza from Universidad de Barcelona is visiting the IFT for the period January 10th to 14th, 2022. His research interests cover a variety of topics on the interplay between quantum gravity and quantum information theory
Dr. Maciej Lewenstein is visiting us Dr. Maciej Lewenstein from ICFO is visiting the IFT for the period December 15th to 16th, 2021. His research focuses on quantum optics, atomic physics, nonlinear dynamics, statistical physics, quantum field theory, many body systems, disordered systems, neural networks, machine learning, quantum information, foundations of quantum mechanics, numerical and analytic methods of many body systems (renormalization group, mean-field approaches, exact diagonalization, tensor networks, Monte Carlo methods).


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