Dr. Eung Jin Chun is visiting us Dr. Eung Jin Chun from Korea Institute for Advanced Study is visiting the IFT for the period October 29th to November 30th, 2019. His office number is 109. His research interests include: theories beyond the Standard Model. He has been working on superstring and supersymmetry phenomenology, and more recently on neutrino and dark matter properties to search for the fundamental theory in connection with cosmological and astrophysical observations, and collider experiments like LHC.
SO(IFT) Research Associate Dr. Eric Bergshoeff is visiting us Dr. Eric Bergshoeff from Groningen University, The Netherlands is visiting the IFT for the period November 3rd to 30th, 2019. His office number is B09. His research interests include: Supersymmetry, Gravity, Branes and, more recently, Non-relativistic Gravity.
SO(IFT) Research Associate Dr. Anamaría Font is visiting us Dr. Anamaría Font from U.N. Caracas is visiting the IFT for the period October 30th to November 30th, 2019. Her office number is 401. Her research interests are: String compactifications and symmetries.
Dr. Tsutomu Yanagida is visiting us Dr. Tsutomu Yanagida (from IPMU-Tokyo and Shanghai U) is visiting IFT for the period October 19th to November 12th, 2019.His office number is 205. His research interests are: particle physics, with a focus on neutrino physics, leptogenesis, dark matter and general BSM model building.


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