SO(IFT) Research Associate Dr. Guifre Vidal is visiting us Dr. Guifre Vidal from Perimeter Institute is visiting the IFT for the period May 20th to 25th, 2018. His office number is 107. His research interests are: Quantum mechanics of many-body systems, entanglement, the renormalization group (RG), entanglement renormalization, tensor networks, holography, quantum field theory (QFT). He will give the IFT Colloquium "Many-body Entanglement and Tensor Networks: an Introduction" on 24th May at 12h at the Blue Room. More information:
Dr. Carlos S. Shahbazi is visiting us Dr. Carlos S. Shahbazi from Hamburg University, is visiting the IFT for the period May 16th to June 15th, 2018. His office number is B06. His research interests include: mathematical aspects of Supergravity and String Theory and Differential Geometry/Topology.
Dr. Luca Romano is visiting us Dr. Luca Romano from Università di Roma La Sapienza is visiting the IFT for the period May 7th to 11th, 2018. His office number is B06. His research interests are: string theory and supergravity.
SO(IFT) Research Associate Dr. Stefan Pokorski is visiting us Dr. Stefan Pokorski from University of Warsaw is visiting the IFT for the period May 7th to 18th, 2018. His office number is 215. His research interests are: Theoretical physics of elementary interactions and its interface with cosmology. Primary interest in physics beyond the Standard Model, with its challanging questions such as the origin of the electroweak symmetry breaking and of the Fermi scale, the origin of dark matter and of the matter antimatter asymmetry.


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