Accelerated expansion, dS, & Strings: From the Swampland to the Landscape

De Septiembre 18, 2024 hasta Septiembre 20, 2024
De 9:00am hasta 8:00pm

Blue Room

Specialist level

Blue Room


Is the cosmological constant really a constant? Are the recent hints to the contrary from the DESI collaboration real or a mirage? What is the fundamental nature of the accelerated expansion in our Universe? Is de Sitter space in the Landscape or in the Swampland? What's the latest on de Sitter constructions in string theory?

These are just a few of the many fundamental open questions centered around accelerated expansion, that we hope to address in the "Accelerated Expansion, de Sitter & Strings: From the Swampland to the Landscape" (AES3L) workshop. The aim is to gather the leading experts in the field to discuss the recent developements in our understanding of de Sitter (and more generally, accelerated cosmologies) from several, complementary points of view, and to establish an active dialog between the stringy, swampy, and bottom up approaches to this question, as well as the implications to cosmology and particle physics. This workshop follows the tradition of the "Madrid September workshop" that goes back more than a decade. Related workshops include Vistas over the Swampland, Navigating the Swampland, Back to the Swamp and Swamplandia 2023.