Oct 20 2023 - De 10:00 hasta 15:00 Jesús Bonilla García Raiders of the Lost ALP
Oct 2 2023 - De 11:00 hasta 13:00 David Prieto Rodríguez Moduli Stabilization and Stability in Type II/F-theory flux compactifications

In this thesis we study String Theory compactifications to four dimensions focusing on the moduli stabilization process and the associated vacua structure in various frameworks, from Type IIA to F-

Sep 28 2023 - De 11:00 hasta 13:00 Alessandro Conigli First-principles calculations of Standard Model parameters at the charm scale and beyond
The search for new physics beyond the Standard Model (SM) is a major endeavour in particle physics, and high precision comparisons between experimental results and theoretical predictions can imp
Sep 28 2023 - De 11:00 hasta 13:00 Francisco Arco García Searching for Triple Higgs Couplings: a Phenomenological Analysis in the Two Higgs Doublet Model
Sep 26 2023 - De 12:15 hasta 14:00 Pietro Butti Gauge theories with dyamical adjoint fermions at large-N

This thesis explores the study of Yang-Mills theories with matter in the adjoint representation, focusing on the limit of large number of colors (large-Nc

Sep 26 2023 - De 11:00 hasta 13:00 Sergio Morales Tejera Real-time Holography: Anomalous Transport and Non-Hermitian systems

In this thesis we investigate the real-time evolution of strongly coupled systems using holographic techniques.

Sep 8 2023 - De 11:00 hasta 13:00 Alejandra Aguirre Santaella N-body cosmological simulations and gamma rays as tools to reveal the properties of dark matter halo substructure

Strong gravitational evidence at galactic, extragalactic and cosmological scales exists to believe that most of the matter in our Universe, i.e.

Sep 4 2023 - De 11:00 hasta 14:00 Jorge Dasilva Golan Topology and Volume Dependence in SU(N) Yang Mills Theories

In this dissertation we explore the interplay between volume and colour degrees offreedom in SU(N) Yang-Mills theories in various contexts.

Jun 29 2023 - De 11:00 hasta 13:00 Víctor Boscá Gravitational lensing in a clumpy universe

In the last century, cosmology has unveiled one of the greatest mysteries of fundamental physics.

Jun 8 2023 - De 11:15 hasta 13:00 Mattia Cesàro ‘Exceptional Kaluza-Klein spectroscopy in supergravity'

The dissertation is focused on the Kaluza-Klein (KK) spectroscopy of AdS4 solutions in maximal supergravity.