Analog de Sitter universe in quantum Hall systems with an expanding edge

Enero 30, 2023
De 11:30am hasta 1:00pm

Grey Room 3

Specialist level
Mattia Cesaro

Grey Room 3


Expanding edges in quantum Hall systems can become a simulator of quantum 1+1 dimensional
expanding universes. In these systems, edge exciations are represented as a chiral scalar field in
curved spacetimes. We investigate Hawking radiation and entanglement behavior predicted by this
model assuming that the expansion law of the edge region corresponds to a de Sitter universe. As
observable quantities for the quantum field, local spatial modes associated with detection regions
are introduced using window functions for the field, and their correlations are evaluated. We found
impact of Hawking radiation caused by the edge expansion on auto-correlation functions of the local
modes, and confirmed that entanglement death due to Hawking radiation occurs. This behavior of
entanglement is related to “quantum to classical transition” in cosmic inflations