Categorical-Symmetry Resolved Entanglement in CFT

Abril 10, 2024
De 11:30am hasta 12:00pm

Grey Room 2

Specialist level
Pablo Saura

Grey Room 2


We propose a symmetry-resolved entanglement for categorical non-invertible generalized symmetries (CaT-SREE) in (1+1)-dimensional CFTs. The definition parallels that of group-like invertible symmetries employing the concept of symmetric boundary states with respect to a categorical symmetry. Our examination extends to rational CFTs, where the behavior of CaT-SREE mirrors that of group-like invertible symmetries. This includes instances of the breakdown of entanglement equipartition at the next-to-leading order in the cutoff expansion. The findings shed light on the interplay between categorical symmetries, entanglement, and boundary conditions in (1 + 1)-dimensional CFTs.