Cosmology & Gravity Journal Club

Marzo 25, 2020
De 11:00am hasta 12:00pm

IFT Audiovisual Room

Specialist level

IFT Audiovisual Room


Join the IFT cosmology/gravity journal club at to vote for papers and volunteer to present them. If you do not manage to join, please contact Pierre Fleury ( You can also attend virtually with Zoom (meeting id: 263-338-530).

In this meeting (25/03/2020), we will discuss the following papers:

1. Cosmic Discordance: Planck and luminosity distance data exclude LCDM
Eleonora Di Valentino, Alessandro Melchiorri, Joseph Silk
Discussion leader: Matteo Martinelli

2. The Evolution of Primordial Black Holes and their Final Observable Spins
V. De Luca, G. Franciolini, P. Pani, A. Riotto
Discussion leader: Gabriele Franciolini