CRPropa Workshop on Astroparticle Propagation

De Septiembre 14, 2022 hasta Septiembre 16, 2022
De 10:00am hasta 6:30pm

Red Room IFT

Specialist level

Red Room IFT


The landscape of high- and ultra-high-energy astrophysics has changed in the last decade, in large part owing to the inflow of high-quality data collected by present cosmic-ray, gamma-ray, and neutrino observatories. At the dawn of the multimessenger era, the interpretation of these observations within a consistent framework is important to elucidate the open questions in this field.

The "CRPropa Workshop on Astroparticle Propagation" will cover topics related to the propagation of high-energy cosmic messengers, namely cosmic rays, electrons, gamma rays, and neutrinos, from GeV up to ZeV energies. With this workshop we intend to bring together users and developers of CRPropa, and to foster interactions amongst the different communities that make use of it. Its main goals is to discuss recent computational developments related to (but not restricted to) the  code, and more generally, in the theory of astroparticle transport in astrophysical environments and over cosmological distances. We will also have a dedicated discussion session highlighting the synergies with searches of physics beyond the Standard Model.

There will be ample time for discussions and for interactions among the participants, with the goal of promoting new collaborations. Participants who wish to extend their stay by a few days and use the opportunity to work together are welcome do so if arrangements are made well in advance.

Scientific Organising Committee

  • Rafael Alves Batista (chair)
  • Julia Becker Tjus
  • Karl-Heinz Kampert
  • Lukas Merten
  • Günter Sigl

Local Organising Committee

  • Rafael Alves Batista
  • Mónica Vergel