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Octubre 23, 2015

CFTMAT Audiovisual Conference Room

Specialist level

CFTMAT Audiovisual Conference Room


Today we had just the journal-club discussion, with no 2nd part devoted to a specific topic.

Some of the articles that were discussed were (at list those I noted in my notebook):

* Tests on unitarization procedures (IAM) with heavy EW singlet portal models  arXiv:1509.01585 [hep-ph] | PDF

* A possible H'(145)  Higgs?   arXiv:1510.05934 [physics.pop-ph] | PDF

Not so clear according to http://www.science20.com/a_quantum_diaries_survivor/another_higgs_at_145_gev-158184

Low statistics fluctuation + not fully clear cuts? In any case, we should see more (or a reduction) of this effect in the future.

* New ways to measure the kinematic neutrino masses at a new level of accuracy through the electron-capture decay of  163Ho

  arXiv:1510.05462 [hep-ph] | PDF