Generalized Global Symmetries

Marzo 7, 2024
De 5:00pm hasta 6:00pm

Blue Room

Specialist level
Pablo Saura Bastida

Blue Room


Pablo Saura Bastida will present Generalized Global Symmetries (D. Gaiotto, A. Kapustin, N. Seiberg, B. Willett; JHEP 02 (2015) 172)

Abstract: A q-form global symmetry is a global symmetry for which the charged operators are of space-time dimension q, e.g. Wilson lines, surface defects, etc., and the charged excitations have q spatial dimensions, e.g. strings, membranes, etc. Many of the properties of ordinary global symmetries (q = 0) apply here. They lead to Ward identities and hence to selection rules on amplitudes. Such global symmetries can be coupled to classical background fields and they can be gauged by summing over these classical fields. These generalized global symmetries can be spontaneously broken (either completely or to a sub-group). They can also have ’t Hooft anomalies, which prevent us from gauging them, but lead to ’t Hooft anomaly matching conditions. Such anomalies can also lead to anomaly inflow on various defects and exotic Symmetry Protected Topological phases. Our analysis of these symmetries gives a new unified perspective of many known phenomena and uncovers new results.