Holographic Complexity of Quantum Black Holes

Noviembre 15, 2021
De 11:30am hasta 1:30pm


Specialist level
Martin Sasieta


We analyze different complexity proposals for the quantum BTZ black hole (quBTZ). The quBTZ setup encompasses quantum corrections to the BTZ metric to all orders in $\hbar$ at large $N$, and hence, serves as a good testing ground for calculating quantum contributions to complexity proposals. Our results indicate that Action Complexity fails to account for the additional quantum contributions, and does not lead to the correct classical limit. The Volume Complexity, on the other hand, admits a consistent expansion in $\hbar$ and agrees with known limits. Furthermore, we show that one can use the doubly-holographic setup to compute the complexity coming purely from quantum fields -- a notion that has proven to be evasive in usual holographic setups.

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