IBS-MultiDark Joint Workshop on Dark Matter and 13th MultiDark Consolider Workshop

De Noviembre 23, 2015 hasta Noviembre 28, 2015
De 10:00am hasta 5:30pm

Blue Room

Specialist level

Blue Room


The IBS-MultiDark Joint Workshop on Dark Matter is the second event where MultiDark and IBS are sharing strenghts on the quest on the identification of the Dark Matter. The previous event, IBS-MultDark Joint Focus Program: WIMPs and Axions, was in 2014 at the IBS-CTPU, Daejeon, Korea.

The workshop is oriented towards dark matter physics and will cover a wide range of subjects. The aim is to promote the collaboration and exchange of ideas. The list of invited speakers includes theoretical as well as experimental physicists.

The 13th MultiDark Consolider Workshop will take place simultaneously but focusing more on 27-28 November 2015.