II Postgraduate Meeting On Theoretical Physics

De Octubre 9, 2013 hasta Octubre 11, 2013
De 9:00am hasta 6:00pm


Specialist level



The II Postgraduate Meeting On Theoretical Physics will take place at IFT UAM/CSIC (Madrid) from the 9th to the 11th of October 2013.

The first edition of the meeting was held at University of Barcelona last year. The idea of the workshop is to allow theoretical physics-oriented PhD students and young postdocs from European institutions to explain and discuss their research projects.

We encourage young researchers to participate (contributing with a talk or not). The speakers will be selected from the participants themselves, with no senior invited talks. We aim to create an informal environment promoting discussions and interaction. There is no registration fee. Financial support will be available (see the corresponding page).

We expect the talks to cover a wide range of topics in modern theoretical physics. This includes but is not restricted to particle physics, classical gravity theories, String Theory, AdS/CFT, supergravity, quantum information, cosmology, LQG...