Illuminating the dark ages: cosmic backgrounds from accretion onto primordial black hole dark matter

Octubre 7, 2020
De 3:00pm hasta 4:00pm


Theoretical Physics, general interest
Guenther Hasinger
Institute for Astronomy. U Hawaii



In this colloquium I review the surprising recent discoveries around
black holes and dark matter: Where do the supermassive black holes in
the early Universe and in all galaxies come from? How are the very
massive black hole binaries created, that produce LIGO/VIRGO
gravitational waves? Which black holes produce the tiny fingerprints
in the X-ray and infrared cosmic background fluctuations? And is there
a mini black hole in our own Solar System? And why does the dark
matter seem to be fluctuating on small scale in the Hubble images of
clusters of galaxies? All these tantalizing questions will be touched
upon in this talk.