The imprint of dark energy and neutrinos on cosmic voids

Abril 19, 2021
De 4:00pm hasta 5:15pm

IFT zoom webinar

Theoretical Physics, general interest
Carmelita Carbone

IFT zoom webinar


After a brief introduction, I will show how the largest structures in the Universe, the so-called cosmic voids, are probes sensitive to the presence of dynamic dark energy and massive neutrinos. The results presented in this talk have been obtained from the analysis of the "Dark Energy and Massive Neutrino Universe" simulations, a set of 16 large N-body simulations conceived to study the combination of different probes in the presence of dark energy (with CPL parametrisation) and massive neutrinos. This analysis highlights how different statistics, such as the void size function, the void auto-correlation, and void-CMB cross-correlations can be able to disentangle the impact of dark energy and massive neutrinos, and help to improve the performance of future galaxy surveys in unveiling their nature.