Lepton number conservation and new probes of low-scale seesaw models

Abril 12, 2018
De 3:00pm hasta 4:30pm

IFT Seminar Room/Red Room

Specialist level
Cedric Weiland
IPPP Durham

IFT Seminar Room/Red Room


The observation of neutrino oscillations requires an extension of the Standard Model that generates neutrino masses and mixing. One of the simplest possibility is the addition of right-handed neutrinos, naturally leading to seesaw mechanisms. Low-scale realisations of this idea are phenomenologically appealing, since they could be tested in both collider and low-energy experiments. In this seminar, we will first prove that in the limit of massless light neutrinos, all these low-scale models conserve lepton number. Then, we will discuss how Higgs physics can provide new probes of neutrino mass models which are complementary to existing observables.