Linking lepton number violation with B anomalies

Abril 23, 2019
De 3:00pm hasta 4:00pm

Audiovisual Room

Specialist level
Thomas Mannel and Oscar Catà
Siegen University

Audiovisual Room


Hints of violation of lepton flavor universality in semileptonic B decays have prompted a renewed interest in leptoquarks at the low TeV scale. Among the different scenarios suggested, some happen to violate also lepton number, yet not much attention has been paid to the expected size of the associated lepton number violating processes. In this webinar we will consider this issue, starting from a short introduction into the status of  the B anomalies. We write down a model in terms of two leptoquarks which has a softly broken lepton number and discuss its predictions for neutrino masses and lepton-number violating B decays.