Neutrino oscillations in particle physics and astrophysics

Junio 29, 2018
De 12:00pm hasta 1:00pm

Blue Room

Specialist level
Iván Jesús Martínez Soler

Blue Room


Neutrinos are described in the Standard Model (SM) by three left-handed fermion
fields, one for each fermion generation. In the SM, the masses of the fermions arise as
a Yukawa interaction between the right-handed and the left-handed fermion fields,
and the Higgs doublet. Because of the lack of a right-handed field for neutrinos,
these fermions are massless within the SM. Experiments measuring the flavor com-
position of neutrinos have established the oscillation of the flavor along its path.
This oscillation can be explained in the scenario of a mixing between neutrino fla-
vor and neutrino mass states. This thesis is devoted to the study of the neutrino
flavor oscillations within different mixing models. In particular, it is focused into
the physics reach by the new generation of neutrino telescopes, like IceCube and