NEXT ELUSIVES WEBINAR: "Long-lived particle search @ LHC"

Febrero 25, 2020
De 3:00pm hasta 4:00pm

IFT Audiovisual Room

Specialist level
Xiaoping Wang
HEP Argonne National Lab

IFT Audiovisual Room


Long-lived particle is well motivated for the new physics search both for collider phenomenology and dark sector. We make use of new variables related to position to search for long-lived, basing on current CMS detector and the Phase-2 Upgrade of the CMS endcap calorimeter which is a high granularity silicon-based calorimeter (HGCAL). We study the long-lived particle signal induced by long-lived sterile neutrino and long-lived Higgs portal particle. The position related variables have been developed to suppress QCD and fake track backgrounds. The final results depends on trigger performance and are generally promising.

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