Pairing instability on Luttinger Surfaces : SYK thermodynamics from a condensed matter perspective

Specialist level
Chandan Setty
U. Florida



Superconductivity results from an instability of the Fermi surface — contour of poles of the single particle propagator — to an infinitesimally small attractive inter-particle attraction. In this talk, I will instead discuss the analogous problem on a model Luttinger Surface — contour of zeros of the Green function.   Unlike a Fermi surface, in the presence of an attractive potential, the model exhibits a quantum phase transition from a non-Fermi liquid to a superconducting state. Crucially,  pair-fluctuations close to the transition resemble well-studied models with gravity duals such as SYK. I will discuss implications of this result to microscopic models describing  Mott physics.