PhD Forum

Junio 27, 2018
De 12:00pm hasta 1:00pm

Grey Room 2

Specialist level
Fernado Arias & Nadir Samos

Grey Room 2


The Minimal Flavour Violating Axion

The solution to the Strong CP problem is analysed within the Minimal Flavour Violation (MFV) context. An Abelian factor of the complete flavour symmetry of the fermionic kinetic terms may play the role of the Peccei-Quinn symmetry in traditional axion models. Its spontaneous breaking, due to the addition of a complex scalar field to the Standard Model scalar spectrum, generates the MFV axion, which may redefine away the QCD theta parameter. It differs from the traditional QCD axion for its couplings that are governed by the fermion charges under the axial Abelian symmetry. It is also distinct from the so-called Axiflavon, as the MFV axion does not describe flavour violation, while it does induce flavour non-universality effects. The MFV axion phenomenology is discussed considering astrophysical, collider and flavour data. 

On the World Pride...The Rainbow State.

I will give a general introduction to many-body physics and present some interesting spin models. I will do a brief review of what we understand by quantum correlations and I will illustrate this point by explaining how to compute quantum entanglement in 1D systems.

I will finish by explaining the SDRG renormalization scheme and how to apply it to a concrete model in order to obtain the famous rainbow state.