Pheno journal club: Nature loves dilatons, loves them not...

Febrero 12, 2016
De 11:30am hasta 12:30pm

CFTMAT Audiovisual Conference Room

Specialist level

CFTMAT Audiovisual Conference Room


* 1st part: journal club

- Of course, LIGO's detection of gravitational waves:

- A 750 GeV Diphoton Signal from a Very Light Pseudoscalar in the NMSSM 
Ulrich Ellwanger, Cyril Hugonie. Feb 10, 2016. 13 pp. 
LPT-ORSAY-16-07, LUPM:16-004 
e-Print: arXiv:1602.03344 [hep-ph] | PDF

- First spin-dependent WIMP-nucleon cross section limits from the LUX experiment 
LUX Collaboration (D.S. Akerib (Case Western Reserve U. & SLAC & KIPAC, Menlo Park) et al.). Feb 10, 2016. 6 pp. 
e-Print: arXiv:1602.03489 [hep-ex] | PDF

* 2nd part: Oriol Pujolàs visitted the IFT and talked about his recent work,

On dilatons and the LHC diphoton excess 
Eugenio Megias (Munich, Max Planck Inst.), Oriol Pujolas (Barcelona, IFAE), Mariano Quiros (ICTP-SAIFR, Sao Paulo & Barcelona, IFAE & ICREA, Barcelona). Dec 18, 2015. 36 pp. 
MPP-2015-213, UAB-FT-768 
e-Print: arXiv:1512.06106 [hep-ph] | PDF