Pre-Halloween Dark Coffee: Francesco's coffee

Octubre 30, 2015
De 11:30am hasta 12:30pm

CFTMAT Audiovisual Conference Room

Specialist level

CFTMAT Audiovisual Conference Room


* 1st part: journal club.

Papers, posts, rumours...

* 2nd part: there has been a small change of plans and, instead of Gregoris Chachamis,

we will have Francesco Celiberto (Calabria U.) this Friday 30 October talking about his work on Mueller-Navelet jets at LHC:

He is a PhD student currently visiting Agustín Savio-Vera and will stay at the IFT  until January 31.

The topics he will discuss will cover the areas:

     - BFKL resummation

     - Perturbative QCD

     - QCD and possible BSM Phenomenology  (e.g.,  )