Robotic exploration of the solar system - from Mercury to Pluto

Mayo 19, 2016
De 12:00pm hasta 1:00pm

Blue Room

General Public
Michael Kueppers

Blue Room


60 years after the begin of spaceflight, all planets of the solar system have been visited by spacecraft, as well as asteroids and comets. Through those missions we got an overview of the properties of most solar system objects, as well important insight into the formation and evolution of the solar system. Nowadays many space missions go to targets that have been visited before.  They typically target specific scientific questions, like the Curiosity and Exomars missions with investigations targeting at finding evidence for  the existence of (past or present) life on Mars. However, there are exploratory missions as well, like the Rosetta comet lander and orbiter, providing the first in-depth investigation of a comet, or the Hayabusa series of asteroid sample return missions. 

        The presentation will provide an overview of what has been achieved in solar system exploration so far, and provide some examples of currently ongoing missions. We will conclude with some considerations about the future of space exploration.