Searching for new physics beyond the Standard Models

Mayo 7, 2020
De 4:00pm hasta 5:00pm


Theoretical Physics, general interest
Mathias Pierre



Beside the successes of the LambdaCDM and the Standard Model of particle physics, many theoretical issues remain unsolved and several experimental discrepancies have been confirmed. We discuss the current status of some of these issues and present solutions involving new physics. In a first part, we investigate the cosmological implications of a gauge extension of the Standard Model featuring a light and weakly coupled Z-prime, motivated by the longstanding four-sigma   moun g − 2 anomaly, as well as the tension between late and early time determinations of the Hubble constant. In a second part, we consider a solution to the dark matter problem which can address simultaneously small scale problems on galactic scales. We present an explicit realization of the so-called SIMP mechanism in the form of vector SIMPs arising from an hidden non-abelian gauge theory and discuss constraints and detection prospects.