Speaker Tipo de Evento
Mar 27 2023 - 15:00 The impact of model realism on interpretations of the Galactic Center Excess Christopher Eckner More than a decade has passed since a GeV gamma-ray excess in Fermi-LAT data above known astrophysical backgrounds has been detected in Seminar
Mar 30 2023 - 15:00 Axion couplings in Grand Unified Theories Mario Reig In this talk (based on 2206.07053) I discuss axion couplings to gauge bosonsin Grand Unified Theories, where the Standard Model is embedded in a simple Seminar
Abr 13 2023 - 11:00 Machine code of holography Umut Gürsoy Gauge-gravity duality plays a key role in understanding quantum gravity and strongly interacting gauge theories, however, lacks a satisfactory microscopic derivation. Seminar
Abr 13 2023 - 15:00 TBA Marina Cermeño TBA Seminar
Abr 17 2023 - 15:00 TBA Manuel Meyer TBD Seminar
Abr 24 2023 - 15:00 TBA Per Osland Seminar
Abr 27 2023 - 15:00 What is flat LCDM, and may we choose it? Glenn D. Starkman TBA Seminar
Mayo 4 2023 - 15:00 TBA Stefano Scopel TBA Seminar