Solvable time-like cosets and holography beyond AdS

Mayo 9, 2022
De 11:30am hasta 1:00pm
Specialist level
Soumangsu Chakraborty
IPhT Saclay
I'm going to talk about a certain class of novel time-like coset sigma-models describing type-II superstring theory in a charged rotating black-brane background that interpolates between a locally AdS_3 in the IR and a linear-dilaton geometry in the UV. This allows one to perform a systematic study of holography in non-AdS backgrounds which are smoothly connected to AdS_3. From the boundary field theory perspective, the theory interpolates between a certain vacua of Little String Theory in the UV to a CFT_2 in the IR. I'll construct massless closed string states vertex operators in the NS-NS sector, calculate the corresponding two-point correlation functions, and discuss its holographic interpretation. Compactifying the theory on T^4, I'll show that the spectrum of a single long string with unit winding agrees with the spectrum of a CFT_2 deformed by TTbar. We also calculate correlation functions of operators of the dual 1+1 dimensional non-conformal boundary field theory using worldsheet techniques.
I'm mostly going to follow the following two papers: 2204.03024,2012.03995.