Supersymmetry breaking and one-loop consequences

Febrero 24, 2022
De 3:00pm hasta 4:00pm

Online on Zoom

Specialist level
Thibaut Coudarchet

Online on Zoom


In this introductory talk about myself, I will give an overview of the research I have conducted during my Ph.D thesis. The core of these works was the study of models showing a spontaneous breaking of supersymmetry and the investigation of the consequences of the presence of a potential generated at one loop. After the description of a peculiar supersymmetry-breaking construction reminiscent of "brane supersymmetry breaking", we will specifically study two consequences induced by the one-loop potential in models where supersymmetry is broken thanks to a Scherk-Schwarz mechanism. First, in a type I orbifold framework, we will find under which conditions this potential introduces instabilities for the moduli of the model. And second, in heterotic strings, we will investigate the backreaction of the potential on the cosmology of no-scale models. The talk is based on 2105.06913, 2011.13725, 2003.02545, 1804.00466 and 1711.09122.

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