The Tameness of Quantum Field Theory, Part II -- Structures and CFTs

Febrero 23, 2023
De 12:00pm hasta 1:15pm

Grey Room 1

Specialist level
David Prieto

Grey Room 1


David will present the following paper (

The Tameness of Quantum Field Theory, Part II -- Structures and CFTs, Michael R. Douglas, Thomas W. Grimm, Lorenz Schlechter.

Abstract: Tame geometry originated in mathematical logic and implements strong finiteness properties by defining the notion of tame sets and functions. In part I we argued that observables in a wide class of quantum field theories are tame functions and that the tameness of a theory relies on its UV definition. The aims of this work are (1) to formalize the connection between quantum field theories and logical structures, and (2) to investigate the tameness of conformal field theories. To address the first aim, we start from a set of quantum field theories and explain how they define a logical structure that is subsequently extended to a second structure by adding physical observables. Tameness, or o-minimality, of the two structures is then a well-defined property, and sharp statements can be made by identifying these with known examples in mathematics. For the second aim we quantify our expectations on the tameness of the set of conformal field theories and effective theories that can be coupled to quantum gravity. We formulate tameness conjectures about conformal field theory observables and propose universal constraints that render spaces of conformal field theories to be tame sets. We test these conjectures in several examples and highlight first implications.