Speaker Tipo de Evento
Mayo 7 2024 - 11:30 Gravitational Waves and Binary Black Holes Thibault Damour JOINT ICMAT-IFT Colloquium. Colloquium
Mayo 9 2024 - 15:00 TBD Pedro de la Torre Luque TBA Seminar
Mayo 23 2024 - 15:00 TBA Filippo Sala Seminar
Mayo 27 2024 - 15:00 TBA James M. Cline Seminar
Mayo 30 2024 - 15:00 HNLs from Heavy ALP decays at Neutrino Facilities Asli Abdullahi We present a chiral non-abelian dark sector model that features a spontaneous $SU(3)\times SU(2) \rightarrow SU(3)$ symmetry breaking and results in the formation of dark mesons, $\pi_D$, and baryo Seminar
Jun 3 2024 - 15:00 Anomalies, tori, and new twists in the gaugino condensate Erich Poppitz I will first review some recent advances in the understanding of generalized-symmetry anomalies in four dimensional gauge theories and will show that they imply  degeneracies in the Hilbert space o Seminar
Jun 3 2024 - 15:00 pre-SUSY24 school Werner Porod, Sabine Kraml, Margarete Muhlleitner, Gudrid Moortgat-Pick, Jose Juan Blanco Pillado, Keith Olive (tbc), Marisa Sarsa, Ana Teixeira The traditional pre-SUSY school for PhD students and young postdocs School
Jun 6 2024 - 15:00 TBA Jorge Alda Gallo Seminar
Jun 10 2024 - 10:00 SUSY24 Workshop
Jul 15 2024 - 10:00 SIFTS School Summer IFT School (SIFTS) is a one-week summer program typically intended for graduate student considering a career in theoretical physics.  The SIFTS program is designed to provide lectures School