Tutorial on Monte Carlo tools for colliders

De Septiembre 7, 2015 hasta Septiembre 10, 2015
De 11:00am hasta 5:00pm

CFTMAT Audiovisual Room, ground floor

Specialist level
Desai, N. (ITP Heildelberg); Fuks, B. (IPHC Strasbourg / LPTHE Paris); Kim, J. S. (IFT-UAM/CSIC); Mattelaer, O. (IPPP Durham); Rolbiecki, K. (IFT-UAM/CSIC)

CFTMAT Audiovisual Room, ground floor


The LHC has already provided strict constraints on a large number of beyond the SM physics scenarios. Both multipurpose detectors ATLAS and CMS have started now to collect data at the center of mass energy of 13 TeV. The interpretation of the LHC data in the context of new physics scenarios requires some knowledge of modern Monte Carlo simulation tools.

This workshop gives a basic introduction to MC tools. This course should allow a theorist to interpret the predictions of any theory model in the light of the LHC data. We will review the main ideas of the general MC physics. An introductory course into the implementation of any arbitrary models into FeynRules will be given. A detailed presentation of the parton level MC tool Madgraph wil be presented. We discuss the parton shower event generator Pythia 8 and finally present the computer tool CheckMATE which tests wether a model is excluded or not at 95% C.L. by comparing with current experimental searches at the LHC.

Special emphasis will be put on the tutorials offered during this workshop. We guide the participants through the installation of the tools and together implement a simple model and generate hadronized events for some model parameters. Finally, we pass these events to a fast detector simulation and confront the theoretical predictions with current LHC data.

This workshop is suitable for phenomenologists as well as theorists interested in learning modern MC tools and in comparing theory predictions with current LHC data.