New IFT Youtube Channel "IFT Pro"

We have started a new IFT Youtube channel, "IFT Pro" to host IFT colloquia and special talks, with a dedicated video edition. It already has the last IFT colloquium by T. Yanagida and the talk by D. Kaplan about Ann Nelson's life and science.

Joining 25N, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

The IFT together with other institutes in the UAM+CSIC International Excellence Campus has prepared a poster (see attachment and link below) displaying gender discriminatory patterns of behavior against women in Science, to show our support for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.
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IFT is on Instagram!

We have just opened an IFT Instagram account! Follow us at @ift_madrid

Charla de Álvaro de Rújula "Aciertos, errores y dudas de Albert Einstein"

Hoy miércoles 20 de noviembre, a las 19,30h Álvaro de Rújula impartirá la conferencia "Aciertos, errores y dudas de Albert Einstein" en la Fundación Ramón Areces.

"la Caixa" Doctoral Fellowships call is now open

The Institute for Theoretical Physics (IFT) in Madrid is offering PhD positions for talented Early Stage Researchers within the framework of the "la Caixa" doctoral INPhINIT fellowships, in the fields of Particle Physics, Astroparticles and Cosmology.

Ciclo de conferencias en la Semana de la Ciencia 2019

El IFT organiza el Ciclo de Conferencias "El horizonte de la Física Fundamental" en la Residencia de Estudiantes, en el marco de la Semana de la Ciencia de la Comunidad de Madrid, los días 7, 8, 14 y 15 de noviembre, a partir de las 18:00h.

Próximos Eventos

De Diciembre 11, 2019 hasta Diciembre 13, 2019
De 10:00am hasta 6:00pm

This is the XXV edition of our annual Christmas Workshop at the Instituto de Física Teórica (IFT).
Diciembre 13, 2019
De 12:00pm hasta 2:00pm
In this thesis we will take a look on the infrared (IR) and collinear limit of QED and pertur- bative gravity.
Diciembre 16, 2019
De 11:30am hasta 1:30pm
This thesis aims to study of the relationship between gauge and spacetime degrees of freedom in finite volume Yang-Mills theories with twisted boundary conditions.
Enero 16, 2020
De 12:00pm hasta 1:00pm
Enero 23, 2020
De 3:00pm hasta 4:00pm
Enero 27, 2020
De 3:00pm hasta 4:15pm
Enero 30, 2020
De 3:00pm hasta 5:00pm
Febrero 3, 2020
De 3:00pm hasta 4:15pm
Gravitational waves, small ripples in the space time, are a new and unique observational tool for exploring unknown aspects of the universe.
Febrero 10, 2020
De 3:00pm hasta 4:30pm