Call for 2022 FPU PhD positions open

Call for 2022 FPU PhD positions open

The call for FPU PhD positions form the Spanish Ministry of Universities has just opened. The fellowships will cover a four-year period, with conditions as specified in the Ministry call. This includes a competitive salary and full health insurance. Selected candidates will be included in IFT grants, which provide additional funds for scientific visits, attendance to advanced schools and workshops, and other training activities.

Candidates interested in pursuing a PhD at IFT are encouraged to apply, and to contact potential PhD advisors. IFT is an equal opportunity institution and candidates from underrepresented and traditionally disadvantaged backgrounds are particularly encouraged to apply. Additionally, there is a number of fellowships which are specific for candidates with functional diversity.

Application procedure:

Unlike in previous years, this call consists of a single phase. The candidates should complete an online application and provide a series of documents. 

The application period is from 17 January to 15 February 2023 (hard deadline at 14:00 CET of the closing day). Fully detailed information about the call can be found at this link, including the ONLINE APPLICATION

At the moment of the application candidates must have:

- A Spanish NIF or NIE

- A Master degree and be enrolled in a PhD programme or follow an official Master that grants access to a PhD programme.

- An academic record above the thresholds indicated in the call and obtained their university degree after 2019 (except for those cases contemplated in the call).

- They must have a supervisor, who can only support a single applicant. 

The choice of PhD advisor will determine through which institution (UAM or CSIC) the fellowship will be carried out. This supervisor must hold its affiliation with this institution throughout the whole period of the grant. 

Documents to supply via the application portal:

- A certificate of academic degrees and (if available) a certificate of the Masters degree. 

- For any degree issued by foreign universities, the grade must be converted using the following link, and the resulting document also attached. A  European Diploma Supplement or an official translation should be provided for certificates not issued in Spanish.

- A CV of the candidate, introduced through the application portal.

- A CV of the advisor and a thesis project description, both of them approved by UAM’s Academic Commission.

- A declaration of the advisor of eligibility.

Should you need any further information or assistance concerning the application, please consult the attached material or contact

Icono PDFGuia_FPU_2022.pdf

Icono PDFGuia_informativa_Declaracion_Equivalencia_Nota_Media_2021.pdf

Icono de documento de Microsoft OfficeMemoria_proyecto_tesis_FPU21.doc

Icono PDFFPU22_Evaluacion-Proyecto-Formativo.pdf

Icono PDFFPU22_Declaracion-Director-de-tesis.pdf

Miércoles, Febrero 15, 2023 - 2:00pm

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