IFT Online!

IFT Online!

Following with our telework policy established since the beginning of March, and in accordance with the recommendations by the authorities and with the global effort of society to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, we are fostering the organization of online activities via videoconference.

Some of the new and old initiatives include:

- Series of several weekly online webinars, see calendar

- New dedicated platform, HoloTube, the first network of webinars on Applied Holography, see webpage. This is a continuation of the HoloMatter conference https://workshops.ift.uam-csic.es/holomatter. See a recent article published by the APS 

- New dedicated YouTube channel IFT Webinars, for upload of seminar videos. Subscribe for some upcoming great material!

- Online journal clubs, including the SPLE journal club on string phenomenology, book discussion club, and others. As well as online PhD defenses, e.g. a most recent one by José Ángel Romero Jurado

- We continue previously existing webinar series, like the NEXT ELUSIVES Webinars

- We continue our outreach activity with weekly videos in our YouTube channel IFTmadrid

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