Postdocs at the IFT within the "La Caixa Junior Leader" program

Postdocs at the IFT within the "La Caixa Junior Leader" program

The Institute of Theoretical Physics IFT UAM-CSIC participates in the "La Caixa Junior Leader" program, which finances 20 3-year postdocs with additional money for research specifically for Centers of Excellence, for candidates satisfying the mobility rule, and 10 postdocs for those not.

Application deadline is October 2nd. Applications must be submitted through the La Caixa webpage

La Caixa Foundation and IFT are equal opportunity institutions. Applications to this program by female scientist are particularly encouraged.

We are grateful if candidates interested in applying to the IFT leave an expression of interest in our webpage

Note however that the official application must necessarily be done through the La Caixa webpage above.

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