Postdocs at the IFT within the "La Caixa Junior Leader" program

Postdocs at the IFT within the "La Caixa Junior Leader" program

The Institute of Theoretical Physics IFT UAM-CSIC participates in the international "La Caixa Junior Leader" program, which finances 30 3-year postdocs with additional budget research, for candidates satisfying the mobility rule (Incoming Fellowships), and 15 postdocs for those not (Retaining Fellowships).

This is a highly competitive program, specific for Centers of Excellence in Spain including the IFT, and within the framework of EU MSCA Cofund actions. At the IFT we already host 3 researchers holding "La Caixa Junior Leader" postdoctoral positions.

Application deadline is October 8th. Applications must be submitted through the La Caixa webpage: Here

For futher information, see also de documents futher instructions:  Incoming Fellowships, Retaining Fellowships

Candidates interested in applying for these fellowships to join the IFT may please contact us at

La Caixa Foundation and IFT are equal opportunity institutions. Applications to this program by female scientist are particularly encouraged.

More information:

The Junior Leader program in Fundación La Caixa webpage

The Junior Leader program in EURAXESS

Catalogue of projects and researchers awarded in 2019

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