Researchers Pierre Fleury and Matteo Martinelli receive La Caixa Junior Leader grants to join the IFT

Researchers Pierre Fleury and Matteo Martinelli receive La Caixa Junior Leader grants to join the IFT

On September 16th Fundación La Caixa awarded the grants and projects corresponding to its 2019 Research and Development program. Two postdoctoral researchers working in the field of Cosmology, Pierre Fleury and Mateo Martinelli, received La Caixa Junior Leader grants to carry out their cutting-edge research at the IFT.

Research by Pierre Fleury will focus on the question of how we see the universe. In particular in the precise determination of the gravitational lensing effect of matter and energy on the universe to allow for an even more accurate measurement of cosmological observables, specially those related to dark matter and dark energy.

Matteo Martinelli will explore whether General Relativity can explain the observed evolution of the universe. In particular, his research will focus on the formulation of alternatives to the standard cosmological model (LambdaCDM) and the possibility to test them with forthcoming cosmological observations, such as those by the Euclid satellite from ESA.

The IFT already hosts 2018 La Caixa Junior Leader grantee Daniele Gaggero, working in the field of Astroparticle Physics, in particular energetic radiation (gamma rays, X-rays, cosmic rays) and their implications for dark matter and astrophysical phenomena.

More information:
- Catalogue of projects and researchers awarded in 2019
- Open Call for next La Caixa Junior Leader postdoctoral grants

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