#YoFisica Challenge

#YoFisica Challenge

At the IFT we support the initiative of February 11, the International Day of Women and Girls in Science (11F), so to normalise and make visible how many women and girls like physics, we have launched a challenge with the hashtag #YoFisica in our YouTube channel.

We want any girl or woman (it doesn't matter if they’re physicists or not) to send short videos saying why they like physics or just videos with the hashtag #YoFisica. With all the videos we receive we will make a special one for the 11F.

You can participate in several ways:

- Send us your video directly to yofisica.ift@gmail.com

- Publish your video on YouTube or Instagram, with the #YoFisica tag, and send us the link to the email yofisica.ift@gmail.com

- Post your video on Twitter, with the #YoFisica tag and mentioning our profile @ift_uam_csic

- You can also record a TikTok and send it to us

More info:


Video #YoFisica with IFT female researchers

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