The IFT participates at Researchers' Night of the UAM with a gymkhana about physics

'Dare to investigate: understand the world to save it' encourages you to find the treasure using your wits and with the help of physics.

From 5:00 pm in the main square of the Cantoblanco Campus.

Thanks to the research of great physicists of the past, today we can enjoy important innovations as a result of their work. The most famous example is Einstein's General Relativity, which allowed the development of GPS. In addition, basic research in physics allows us to answer some of the most fundamental questions that human beings have been asking for millennia, such as how the universe works and what it is made of.

To highlight how basic research has been and will be fundamental for the progress of society, and on the occasion of the European Researchers' Night, the IFT proposes a stimulating gymkhana, in which participants will have to apply a series of basic concepts of physics, in addition to their ingenuity, to find the treasure.

The clues will be distributed around the Plaza Mayor. The objective is to complete all the questions to decrypt a final message, which the participants will have to provide to the organization of the game. This message will be "Science + Yesterday = Today", in tune with the motto of the Night this year. Participation can be individual or in groups, and the games will have different levels adapted to the age of the participants.

The activity will be supported by IFT research staff, who will serve as guides and provide the necessary clues to complete the game. Through this gymkhana, we want to invite you to participate in an active and dynamic game in which to learn fundamental questions about physics. Those who manage to complete the game will receive a gift from IFT.